Training Initiatives
Tailored Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) training is more effective than off-the-shelf packages. Courses can be tailored to meet logistical challenges of remote teams or busy diaries whilst connecting D&I with your core business and organisational values. Alongside D&I, I can also offer courses in further professional skills including Team Building, Effective Communication and Cultural Awareness.

Popular Sessions

Unconscious Bias (UB)
It is important to highlight that we all have biases; it is the natural way in which our brains help us to sort through the overload of stimulus we are exposed to everyday. However, the quick-think processes of our unconscious brain can mean we do not always make objective and unbiased decisions. Managing the unconscious brain will help you make informed decisions and enable you to work effectively with new and different people and ideas. At an organisational level this can help to open up opportunities and drive innovation. UB sessions can be  delivered as a ‘Taster’ approach, Introductory level or for Management).

Inclusive Leadership
Inclusive Leadership is a focus for organisations in industries as diverse as the Military through Banking; inclusive leaders have been shown to be the best. An inclusive style of management and leadership has been shown to generate better results whilst improving the satisfaction of leaders themselves. In this session we will draw on research from several organisations to offer an injection of theory you can apply in your day to day role.

For more information or to discuss training opportunities, please contact Richard.